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4.0G Basic

10 Heads, 14 heads or 20 Heads

4.0G Basic 10 Heads Weigher is with high accuracy due to the precise control of feeding time and thickness. This 10-head multihead weigher requires less stabilization time during the weighing process because we enhanced the thickness of the machine sheet, and when material is short, the machine can automatically pause to make the weighing more stable.

4.0G PLUS High Performance

10 heads or 14 Heads

4G PLUS High Performance 10 Heads Multi head Weigher can be used for dry and wet products, like sweets, biscuits, chips, nuts, etc. and  is an advanced model using CANBus control system.

4.0 Generation ATLANTIC 

10 heads or 14 Heads

The 4.0 Generation ATLANTIC plus model multi head weigher stands for HD top-level technology and production engineering. Our ATLANTIC series of head weigher is a multipurpose machine ideal for packaging lines that process wet, fresh, frozen food products, and dry items, etc.

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